Police Officer
John Abraham Jr.

# 257
Teaneck PD, NJ
End of Watch: October 25th, 2010


Law Enforcement is a profession of arms, sharing a familiar bond forged by valor, common hardships, service for a higher cause, and the acceptance of the physical danger and mental risks that comes with this service to our community. Sometimes this service requires of us the ultimate sacrifice. Our first Honorary Membership in the society has been posthumously awarded to Police Officer John Abraham, Jr., Shield # 257, Teaneck Police Department, New Jersey. In his honor, we created the Police Officer John Abraham Jr. Scholarship Fund to benefit the children of our members. Officer Abraham Jr. made the ultimate sacrifice in his service to his community when he died in the line of duty in an automobile accident on October 25th, 2010. As Police Officer Abraham Jr. is the first and only Malayalee American law enforcement officer to have died in the line of duty, his service and legacy is a big part of AMLEU. His story of sacrifice and duty will be prominently displayed as a reminder to our membership and to the community that we serve.

Teaneck Police Department, New Jersey End of Watch Monday, October 25, 2010